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George Gomez
Known for Pinball and video games

George Gomez is an industrial designer, video game designer, and pinball designer who has worked for Bally, Williams, and Stern Pinball, among other companies. He worked on the team that created the Tron video game, and headed the team that created Spy Hunter. In 1984 after the 1983 video game crash, he left Midway to invent toys at the consulting firm Marvin Glass & Associates. After Glass he worked on numerous projects through the contract manufacturer Grand products, including the Battletech Centers and several Sega video games of the late 80's. In '93 he went to Williams Electronics and designed several pinball machines including Monster Bash and was one of the lead developers of the Pinball 2000 system.[1] As a consultant he designed several games for STERN pinball including The Lord of the Rings, and Batman. Along with his recent work in pinball, he was also one of key designers of the street basketball video game series NBA Ballers for Midway. Gomez enters his latest endeavor with a "second chance" to save pinball becoming the VP of game development at Stern Pinball on July 12, 2011.

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