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George H. McLain was a United States Democratic politician from California.

He is best known for running in California's democratic presidential primary in 1960. He was the only opponent of the heavily favored favorite son candidate, Governor Pat Brown.

McLain lost to Brown, but, because of the large number of votes cast in California, and the small overall number of primaries, he finished third in total number of votes cast in democratic primaries, just behind eventual nominee John F. Kennedy and Brown, even though he ran only in California.

McLain also ran twice for the United States Senate: as a write-in Democrat in 1946 (special election) and for his party's nomination 1964, losing both times.

Electoral history[edit]

California special United States Senate election, 1946:[1]

Democratic presidential primary in California, 1960[2]

  • Pat Brown - 1,354,031 (67.69%)
  • George H. McLain - 646,387 (32.31%)

Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 1960[3]

Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate, 1964:[4]


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