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George H. Mealy (December 31, 1927 – June 21, 2010 in Scituate, Massachusetts)[1] was an American mathematician and computer scientist who invented the namesake Mealy machine, a type of finite state transducer. He was also a pioneer of modular programming,[2][3] one of the lead designers of the IPL-V programming language,[4] and an early advocate of macro processors in assembly language programming.[5]

Mealy went to Harvard University, where he was active in radio as business manager for WHRB.[6] He graduated in 1951 with an A.B., and at that time began working for Bell Laboratories.[7] He later taught at Harvard.[8]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Mealy, George H. (1955), "A method for synthesizing sequential circuits", Bell System Technical Journal, 34 (5): 1045–1079, doi:10.1002/j.1538-7305.1955.tb03788.x, MR 0073450.
  • Mealy, George H. (1967), "Another Look at Data" (PDF), Proceedings of the November 14-16, 1967, Fall Joint Computer Conference (AFIPS Fall '67), New York, NY, USA: ACM, pp. 525–534, doi:10.1145/1465611.1465682, S2CID 18146748.


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