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Coordinates: 53°38′53″N 1°47′00″W / 53.6480°N 1.7833°W / 53.6480; -1.7833

George Hotel, Huddersfield

The George Hotel in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, is a Grade II listed building famous as the birthplace of rugby league football in 1895.[1] The 60 bed hotel was built in 1851 and closed in January 2013, with the receivers looking for a new buyer.[2]

The three-star rated George Hotel, which has an Italianate façade, was designed by William Walker.[3][4][5] The Victorian era hotel was built around 1851.[4]

Birth of Rugby League[edit]

It was in the George Hotel, Huddersfield on 29 August 1895 that 21 Lancashire and Yorkshire clubs held a meeting and by a majority of 20 to 1 voted to secede from the Rugby Football Union to set up their own Northern Rugby Football Union. In 1922 this became the Rugby Football League.

Stockport was also accepted into the league via telephone to the hotel.[6]

Memorabilia recalling the meeting can be found throughout the hotel as well as in the Heritage Centre.[4]

British Amateur Rugby League Association[edit]

The British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA) was also founded at the George Hotel in 1973.

Rugby League Heritage Centre[edit]

The Rugby League Heritage Centre was located in the basement of the George. It was the UK’s only rugby league heritage museum. It was the brainchild of sports presenter Mike Stephenson.

The Rugby League Heritage centre was opened on 30 August 2005 by former players Billy Boston, Neil Fox and Mick Sullivan.[7]

Within the centre were displays of memorabilia, including rare jerseys, medals, caps, programmes and photographs. There was also footage played on several plasma screens. The British Rugby League Hall of Fame is now located in the Heritage Centre.

National Rugby League Museum[edit]

On 24 June 2020 Rugby League Cares announced a partnership with Kirklees Council to establish a National Rugby League Museum in the George Hotel.[8]


Filming at the George Hotel, Huddersfield

In 2019, The George Hotel was 'set alight' by film crew for the new sky programme Cobra, a six part series aired on Sky One in 2020.[9]

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