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George Ingersoll Wood (20 May 1814 – 9 January 1899), was an American clergyman and a founding member of Yale's Skull and Bones Society.[1]

Rev. George Ingersoll Wood was born in Stamford, CT. He was the son of Hon. Joseph Wood and Frances Ellsworth.

He graduated from Yale in 1833 and the Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 1838. While at Yale he was a founding member of The Skull and Bones Society.

He was the pastor of The Congregational Churches at Hartford, CT, Branford, CT and Guilford, CT, St. Cloud, MN.

He died at age 84 in Washington, DC.


He was married Susan Townsend Merwin, daughter of Rev. Samuel Merwin and Clarina B. Taylor, on 28 April 1840 at New Haven, CT.

Children of Rev. George Ingersoll Wood and Susan Townsend Merwin:

  • Emily Merwin Wood+ b. 11 Feb 1841, d. 18 May 1916
  • Brig. Gen. Oliver Ellsworth Wood+ b. 6 Jun 1844, d. 4 Dec 1910
  • George Ingersoll Wood b. 12 Feb 1850, d. 15 Apr 1877
  • Joseph Wolcott Wood b. 12 Oct 1851, d. 3 May 1877


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