George J. Fisher

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George John Fisher
Dr George J Fisher.jpg
BornApril 2, 1871
Cincinnati, Ohio
New York, New York
ResidenceNew York City
Known forVolleyball, Boy Scouting
Awards and honors
1926, Silver Buffalo Award
1946, Leader in Volleyball Award
United States Volleyball Association
1951, Morgan Plaque, Springfield College
United States Volleyball Association
Alpha Phi Omega honorary brother
1991, Inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame

George J. Fisher M.D. (died 1960) was a physician and leader in the fields of youth development and physical fitness in the United States during the early twentieth century. He was a noted advocate for advancing the sport of volleyball.

Volleyball and the YMCA[edit]

Dr. Fisher was president of the international YMCA's Physical Directors Society from 1904 to 1919. Dr. Fisher is today best remembered for making volleyball a part of the program in military training camps, both in the United States and abroad while serving as Secretary of the YMCA War Work Office.

With the beginning of World War I, volleyball spread worldwide. Dr. Fisher included volleyball in the recreation and education program for American armed forces as early as 1914 and American soldiers fighting in World War I played volleyball on the beaches of Normandy and Brittany. In 1919 Dr. Fisher made volleyball a part of the program in military training camps, both in the United States and abroad. He was the editor of the Volleyball Rules Guide for the Army and Navy.

Boy Scouts of America[edit]

Fisher served as deputy Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America from 1919 to 1943, and as National Scout Commissioner from 1943 until his death in 1960.

United States Volleyball Association[edit]

Dr. Fisher was the founder and first president (1928–1952) of the United States Volleyball Association. He also served as the first editor of the Volleyball Guide from 1917 to 1947. The Leader in Volleyball Award was renamed to the George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball Award in his honor.

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