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George Jackson (1790–1811) was an English botanist and author. He was born in Aberdeen in 1780 and was later in charge of A.B. Lambert's herbarium. On 2 February 1808 he was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society and made important contributions to The Botanist's Repository. He formally described the genus Ormosia, publishing the description in Transactions of the Linnean Society.[1][2][3]

Jackson died on 12 January, 1811 aged 31. In the same year Robert Brown named a genus of leguminous plants Jacksonia in his honour. James Edward Smith, in Rees's Cyclopædia noted -

  • "Jacksonia, so named by Mr. Robert Brown, in memory of the late Mr. George Jackson, F.L.S., a man of the most excellent and amiable character, devoted to the science of botany."[4][5][6]


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