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George Junus Aditjondro (born 27 May 1946 in Pekalongan, Central Java) is a controversy sociologist from Indonesia.

He had been a journalist for Tempo Magazine for sometime. During 1994 to 1995, his name appeared and became widely known as a “criticizers” during the reign of Ex President Soeharto's government in corruption and East Timor.

He left Indonesia for Australia for 7 years and was banned by the Ex President Soeharto’s regime in March 1998. He became a lecturer at the University of Newcastle in the field of sociology in Australia. Previously he was teaching at the Satya Wacana Christian University - Indonesia.

Upon his returned from Australia, he wrote several controversial books, which were documented from the web, newspapers, and other sources. in November 2006 he attended a workshop in Thailand, however upon arrival he was arrested by the Thailand Immigration Authorities . Interpol arrested him based on the issued which was released by the Ex President of Indonesia “Soeharto” in 1998.


At the end of December 2009, During the launching of his book which entitled "Dismantling Cikeas Octopus", George was accused of committing violence against Ramadhan Pohan, who is a member of the Parliament from the “Democratic Party (Indonesia)”. The incident were reported to the local police. Later on he was arrested by the authority and also sued by Mr. Pohan.

Some time after the launching of his book, Ex President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his concerns regarding the contents of the book. Soon, the books were taken off the shelves across the nation . At that time, there were no judicial decision were made regarding the circulation of the book. Many people & academia were considering that the books didn't based on the “Methodology” to prove the validity of the facts.

In November 2011 George Aditjondro was one of the speakers in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Gadjah Mada University, with the theme titled "Dissecting the Sultan Status Ground / Ground Pakualaman” concentrated on Yogyakarta region.”

George gave a controversy statement : ”The Palace of Yogyakarta is not similar to the British Empire nor the Sultan Palace. It is only a "Keraton" (Keraton : Kera yang ditonton). English translation: “watching the ape monkeying around".

As the result of his statement: a number of parties who were members of the Public Forum at Yogyakarta (FMY) reported this incident to the Regional Police (Polda) DIY.

According to FMY, George statement were insulting and abusing to the cultural institutions of Yogyakarta Palace ( Keraton ). George later on were charged with the clause 156 of the Criminal Code which refers to “the act of defamation of a person or institution”.

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