George K. Mannickarottu

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George K. Mannickarottu
Born (1944-05-28)May 28, 1944
Language Malayalam, English
Nationality Indian
Citizenship USA
Genre Novel, Short Story, Article
Subject History, Culture, Fiction, Social Aspects

George K. Mannickarottu popularly known as George Mannickarottu or just Mannickarottu is a Malayalam writer who is credited with publishing the first Malayalam novel in America in 1982; Jeevithathinte Kanneer (Tears of Life). He is also author of the Americayile Malayala Sahithya Charithram (History of Malayalam Literature in America). Mannickarottu also has received several awards for his literary works including the first Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA) literary award. His first two novels Jeevithathinte Kanneer and Agniyudham were written while he was in North India but published after his immigration to the United States of America. Another novel, America, is an historical novel relating the Malayalee Community in America since its inception through a quarter century of their life in America. He has also written short stories, essays and history.


Born May 28, 1944 in the North part of Pattazhi, a village in Quilon District, Kerala State, South India, later-on moved to another village called Kaithaparmabe north of Pattazhi and south of Pathanamthitta District. Mannickarottu married a nurse, and moved to the USA. He now lives in Stafford, Texas, USA. George Mannickarottu is widely acknowledged as an accomplished novelist, essayist (including satirical and humorous), and short-story writer. He is also a literary critic, publisher and editor.

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Social and Literary Offices[edit]


  • India Catholics of Houston (3 times)
  • Kerala Writers Forum 2 years,
  • Malayalam Society of America (Present)
  • Malayalee Association of Greater Houston

Regional vice president[edit]

  • Kerala Literary Association of North America 1998-2000


  • World Malayalee Council, Texas Province 2000 & 2001
  • FOKANA Sahithya Sammelanam 2008


  • FOKANA Sahithya Sammelenam 1996 & 2002


  • World Malayalee Council, Houston Province 1998 & 1999,
  • Malankara Catholic Mission of Houston (4 times)
  • Non - Resident Keralalite Affairs (NORKA) – 2003 & 04
  • Malayalee Press Council USA, Houston
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Publishing experience[edit]

Publisher and Chief Editor[edit]

  • ’Kerala Nadam’ (Literary and News magazine) 5 years

Editorial Offices[edit]

  • Chief editor ’Kerala Nadam’ 5 years.
  • Chief editor for all the four Souvenir Books published for India Catholics of Houston from 1982 to 2005
  • Chief editor for the one and only Souvenir Book ever published for the Ecumenical Indian Christian Community in Houston
  • Editor for Kerala Cultural Association’s publication, ’Mattoli’ 1982

Chief consultant[edit]

  • Malyalee Americayil (A docu-Seriel for Kairali)

Literary Works[edit]

Writes in Malayalam and English (mostly in Malalyalam)

  • More than 30 short stories
  • Wrote and still writing several articles.
  • His articles and stories are being published in almost all Malayalam periodicals in the USA.

Some of his literary works are being published in Kerala also like Deepika, Chandrika, Kumkumam, Kerala Kavitha etc.[1]

Major Literary Works[edit]


  • Geevithathinte Kanneer First Malayalam novel published in North America. (First printed in 1982 and then in 1985. 3rd edition (1987) published by NBS, 4th by Prabhath book house
  • Agniyudham. Published by NBS Then Prabhat Book House.
  • America. (3 editions) Published by NBS, Vishalakairali Publications & Prabhat

Short Stories[edit]

  • Mouna Nombarangal
  • Akalunna Bandhamgal


  • Bhodhadhara
  • Samskaraparinam (in Printing)


  • Americayile Malayala Sahithya Charithram [2]


  • Production director ’Puthussery Kavithakal’

Awards Received[3][edit]

  • Malayalee Association of Greater Houston Award 1991
  • FOKANA Award 1992 (First FOKANA literary award)
  • FOKANA Editorial Award 1996
  • Kairali Award, Kottayam 1998
  • Sahithya Samannya vedi award, Calicut 2004
  • Christian Arts and Cultural Foundation of North America award 2006


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