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George Karra (Arabic: جورج القرا‎, Hebrew: ג'ורג' קרא‎; born 1953) is an Israeli Arab judge. Karra is a Christian Arab resident of Jaffa. He has served as a Tel Aviv District Court judge since 2000. In 2011, he was nominated as a candidate for the Israeli Supreme Court, [1] and in February 2017 he was elected to serve as a judge in the Israeli Supreme Court. [2]


George Karra was born to one of the most distinguished Arab Christian families in Jaffa, one of four children. He has three daughters. Karra studied at Terra Sancta primary school and Eshkolot high school in Jaffa. In 1973, he completed his law degree at Tel Aviv University, and opened his own law office in 1975.[3]

Karra was in private practice until 1989, when he was appointed a judge on the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. After 11 years, he was promoted to the Tel Aviv District Court. He was appointed a senior court judge in 2010. Karra was the judge who convicted Israeli President Moshe Katsav of rape.[4] In another high-profile case, he convicted Ofer Nimrodi of illegal wiretapping.[5]