George Kurdahi

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George Kurdahi
George Kurdahi.jpg
Born George Gabriel Kurdahi
(1950-05-01) 1 May 1950 (age 66)
Faitroun, Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Occupation Broadcaster

Born in Feitroun, Lebanon on May 1, 1950, where he spent his childhood years, George Kurdahi (GK) was educated at the Notre Dame de Louayzeh College (Kesrouwan). He studied Political Science and Law in Lebanon.

GK began his career in written media, as well as television, working both for Lebanese Television and Lisan Elhal newspaper. In 1979, GK joined Radio Monte Carlo in Paris, and remained there until 1992. During his time with this station, GK reached the position of Editor in Chief.

In 1992 GK moved on to head Sharq Radio Station in Paris and remained there for over two years when he was recruited to take over the ailing MBC FM in London in 1994. During his six year stint as head of the station, GK managed to turn the station around into a multimillion dollar highly profitable organization.

In 2000 GK moved to Middle East Broadcasting Corporation to become the first, and only, Arab presenter of the world famous program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. With GK as anchor, the program achieved the highest ratings in the history of Arab Television, and remained at the top of the ratings throughout its first run of three years. The program gave GK very high exposure, and GK’s mass appeal insured that MBC earned their highest returns to date from a single program. The program’s phenomenal success in the Arab World was due, in no small part, to both GK’s talent, as well as his charisma.

In 2004 GK moved to Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation for one year, before being asked by MBC to return as presenter of his old program “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, in addition to several other programs. In his move to LBC to present “Iftah Albak” , GK became the highest paid television presenter in the Arab World. In addition, advertising spots on his shows reached record proportions, both in popularity as well as ratings.

On his return to MBC, he was offered alternating seasons of both his original program, “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, as well as two other programs, altahaddi and The Power Of 10. The popularity of GK rose to the extent that the “Millionaire” raised the prize from 1 million Riyals, to 2 million Riyals.[citation needed]

GK’s popularity and mass appeal in the Arab world have also made him very attractive to advertisers, and he has selectively participated in various endorsements, campaigns as well as advertisements. His campaigns and ads included Nestle, Mobinil, Quaker Oats, GK perfumes, Hyundai Motor Company, Nokia, and various others. In addition, GK has participated in many advertisements and campaigns of a charitable nature, as well as campaigns for public and social benefit.

Throughout his career, GK has saved no effort in utilizing his appeal for charity and public good, and he regularly supports charities in advancing their efforts for the public good. In addition to his achievements in the world of mass media, GK also holds a position as UN Goodwill Ambassador, as well as several other honorary charity positions.[citation needed]

GK also carries the Lebanese “Cedar Medal” from President Emile Lahoud, with rank of Commander, in addition to multitudes of awards from various organizations both for his professional achievements, as well as for his contributions to society . GK is viewed as an authority in mass media and communications.[citation needed]

Recently, GK joined the Al Hayat Television family to again present the program “ Who Wants to be A Millionaire” and recently "Al-Mosameh Karim".

GK, who speaks four languages (Arabic, French, English and Italian), is married to Ida Kassar with three children. GK, after living in Europe and other Arab Countries for many years, has returned to his home town of Feitroun.

George Kordahi has also launched his own brand of perfume called GK.