George Lawrence Davis

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George Lawrence Davis
George Lawrence Davis (on the right) working at his printing press
Monmouth (Wales)
Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona)

George Lawrence Davis (1830-1894) was commended to Madrid (Spain) from Leominster (Herefordshire) in 1863 to preach the gospel.

After some years traveling through Spain with a Bible Carriage, dubbed "the armored vehicle" [1] after an escape from being shot at, he moved to Gràcia (Barcelona), where he established free schools for children and adults, and where he published magazines containing different educational and religious topics, such as La Aurora de la Gracia.[2] He also founded a hospital that would be the embryo of the current “Hospital Evangèlic” in Barcelona.

Looking for healthcare he came to Caldes de Montbui, a spa town near Barcelona, where he settled. Here he founded and directed a school known as "Escola dels Pobres" and a church called "Església Evangèlica Caldes de Montbui". In acknowledgment of his charitable work, one of the downtown streets in Caldes de Montbui is now named after him.[3]


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