George Leake (merchant)

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George Leake
Born 1786
Died 1849
Nationality British
Occupation Banker
Spouse(s) Anne (Growse) Leake
Children Ann Elizabeth Leake
Parent(s) Luke Leake
Ann Heading

George Leake (1786–1849) was a wealthy landholder in the early days of the Swan River Colony. Backed with considerable assets, Leake supported many of the early settlers of the colony who were struggling financially.


Early life[edit]

George Leake was born in 1786 in London, England.[1] His father was Luke Leake, and his mother, Ann Heading(1758–1836). He arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia in the Calista in August 1829 and quickly established himself as a merchant.


He was instrumental in the establishment of the first Bank of Western Australia which was established in June 1837, becoming its first chairman of directors. In 1839, he was one of four unofficial nominees of the Western Australian Legislative Council, retaining his seat until his death. He was appointed magistrate in 1839 and mas made chairman of the Perth Town Trust (later to become Perth City Council).

Personal life[edit]

He married Anne Growse, who died in 1815 leaving him with one daughter, Ann Elizabeth.

His nephew, George Walpole Leake, was a prominent Western Australian barrister and magistrate and great-uncle of George Leake, Premier of Western Australia from 1901 to 1902.


He died in 1849 in Perth, Western Australia.

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  1. ^ Some sources say 1785


Further reading[edit]

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