George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes

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George Leslie (the Second)
Earl of Rothes
PredecessorGeorge Leslie I
SuccessorWilliam Leslie
FatherAndrew Leslie, Master of Rothes
MotherMarjorie Sinclair

George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes (died 1513) was a Scottish peer. He was the son of Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes and Marjorie Sinclair (daughter of William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness), and the grandson of George Leslie, 1st Earl of Rothes.

George was invested in his lands as Earl of Rothes on 25 May 1492. In 1498 George was summoned to trial for the murder of George Leslie alias Dunlop, and failed to appear in subsequent years. In 1509, the Leslie lands were recognized by James IV of Scotland. The King took back the family's feudal title because George had tried to sell the lands without permission. Chief amongst the lands was the title of the Barony of Ballinbreich Castle.

George died unmarried before March 1513, and was succeeded as Earl by his brother, William.[1]


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
George Leslie
Arms of Leslie, Earl of Rothes.svg
Earl of Rothes

Succeeded by
William Leslie