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Former home of George L. Rives in Manhattan, today the Greek Consulate General

George Lockhart Rives (1 May 1849 – 18 August 1917) served as United States Assistant Secretary of State 1887 to 1889.[1] He also wrote the two volume book The United States and Mexico, 1821-1848: A History of the Relations between the Two Countries from the Independence of Mexico to the Close of the War with the United States which he published in 1913.

Rives was a descendant of the Schuyler family, the Van Cortlandt family (Stephanus Van Cortlandt) and the Delancey family.

He graduated from Columbia College, Columbia University in 1868 and from Columbia Law School in 1873. From 1903 to 1917 he was chairman of the trustees of his alma mater. His portrait was painted in 1915 by the Swiss-born American artist Adolfo Müller-Ury (1862–1947) and hangs in the University; another version by the artist belonged to the sitter's family.



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