George M. Cohan (sculpture)

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George M. Cohan
George M Cohan statue and Duffy Square.jpg
The statue in 2011
LocationNew York City, New York, U.S.
Coordinates40°45′31.53″N 73°59′6.52″W / 40.7587583°N 73.9851444°W / 40.7587583; -73.9851444Coordinates: 40°45′31.53″N 73°59′6.52″W / 40.7587583°N 73.9851444°W / 40.7587583; -73.9851444

George M. Cohan is an outdoor bronze sculpture depicting George M. Cohan by artist Georg John Lober and architect Otto Langman, installed at Duffy Square in Manhattan, New York. Cast in 1959 and dedicated on September 11, 1959, the statue rests on a light Barre granite pedestal, which is set on a dark Barre granite base.[1]

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