George Michael Farha

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George Michael Farha
Born(1985-06-20)June 20, 1985
Other nameswolf
Known forwolf - جورج فرحة - جورج مايكل فرحة

George Farha (Arabic: جورج مايكل فرحة‎[1]) [2][3][4][5] Born June 20, 1985 is an American Actor and Producer.


Started his education in Lebanese American University majoring in Business Marketing & Management. Then he did his masters in Digital Marketing & celebrity endorsement In London. Finally he ended up doing his MBA in The US.




After finishing his degrees, he moves back to Beirut where he pursued a career in shipping with one of the biggest multinational companies CMA-CGM for two years in 2008. Then in 2010, he established IMaster Academic consultancy, an agency specified in enrolling students worldwide.

In 2014, his career started to rise after opening his social media company iDigital. Known as Wolf on social media, his went after managing the biggest artists in the Arab world (George Wassouf , Amar , Melissa...) then opened Wolf Managment Agency which led for him to manage international artists like Super Sako with his record breaking hit Mi Gina with over 600 millions streams all over digital platform. In 2018, Wolf managment started focusing on production specially After doing a joint venture with CHBK digital agency [7][8][9][10]


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