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Caricature of the new-fangled neoclassical fashions of 1796, engraved after a drawing by Woodward

George Murgatroyd Woodward (1760–1809) was an English amateur caricaturist and humor writer.[1] He was a friend and drinking companion of Thomas Rowlandson.


Woodward was born in Stanton Hall in Derbyshire, England the son of William Woodward in 1760.[2] Nicknamed 'Mustard George', Woodward had a somewhat crude but energetic style. Widely published in the Caricature magazine and elsewhere, his drawings were nearly all etched by others, primarily Thomas Rowlandson, but also Charles Williams and Isaac Cruikshank.

Described by Dorothy George as "He makes a very considerable figure in caricature ; he was original, prolific, and varied."[3]


  • School For Lovers (1792)
  • Eccentric Excursions in England and South Wales (1796)
  • Cupids Magick Lantern (1797-78) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • Horse accomplishments (1799) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • Le Brun Travestied or Caricatures of the Passions (1800) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • Pigmy Revels (1800-1) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • An Olio of Good Breeding (1801) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • Attempts at Humour (1803)
  • The Bettyad (1805)
  • The Caricature Magazine or Hudibrastick Mirror (1806–7) (sc Thomas Rowlandson, Isaac Cruikshank, and others)
  • An essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (1808) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • Chesterfield Travestied, or School for Modern manners (1808) (sc Thomas Rowlandson)
  • The Convention of Cintra, a Portuguese Gambol for the amusement of Iohn Bull, (1809)[4]
  • Something concerning Nobody Edited by Somebody (William Henry Ireland), London, Robert Scholey (1814). Fourteen Plates etched by G. M. Woodward.

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