George Reddy

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George Reddy
Died 14 April 1972(1972-04-14) (aged 25)
Osmania University, Hyderabad
Cause of death Murder
Nationality Indian

George Reddy (died 14 April 1972) was a research student in physics at Osmania University, in Hyderabad, India, who was murdered on 14 April 1972 in a student hostel by right-wing elements, aged 25. His death resulted from his controversial involvement in left wing movements .[1] The event led to the formation of the Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU), a student body on the campus of the university that took its name from the PDS imprint that Reddy had used when publishing pamphlets.[1][2]

Reddy was a university gold medallist and a keen boxer,[3] remembered now primarily for his promotion of Marxist ideas[2] and his opposition to social discrimination and inequality. According to a student friend, he was inspired by "the emerging Black Panthers movement in the US, the Vietnamese people's struggle against US imperialism and the peasant uprisings in Naxalbari and Srikakulam."[3]

Reddy is the inspiration for the lead character played by Ajay Devgan in the movie Yuva and by Suriya in Aaytha Ezhuthu(tamil and telugu(Yuva)).[citation needed] At an event in 2012 marking the fortieth anniversary of his death, a short documentary film about his life, titled Crisis on the Campus, was premiered and also a book titled Reminiscences of George Reddy.[3]

Early Life[edit]

He was born in the city of Palakkad, Kerala to Leela Vergis and Raghunadh Reddy. He had four siblings, two sisters- Siril & Carol, and two brothers- Don & Joy


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