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The following is a list of characters from the ITV sitcom Man About the House, which was originally broadcast from 1973 to 1976.

List of characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Co Stars[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]


Robin Tripp[edit]

Played by Richard O'Sullivan

The sex mad cookery student Robin Tripp moves in with the two dolly birds Chrissy and Jo after they find him in their bath (with his clothes on!) after the girls held a party the previous night. Robin was raised on a farm in the middle of the countryside and is frequently asked by his mother and father to rejoin them in the family business of making pipes. He is always bringing his girlfriends over and is usually unsuccessful. He is a fan of Southampton FC and Fulham FC and regularly attends the matches. Robin is best friends with Larry.

Chrissy Plummer[edit]

Played by Paula Wilcox

Chrissy lives in the flat, owned by Mildred and George Roper, with Jo, until Robin moves in. She is always getting taken out by men in all different shapes, sizes and natures. She once kept getting presents from a secret lover who she had no idea who it was. Chrissy is fond of tending her flowers on the balcony, and always prefers her or Robin's cooking as Jo's is always dreadful. She has one sister named Susan who is married to Ted, who her father dislikes. Chrissy's mother is frequently visiting Chrissy at the flat and is always encouraging her to get married. Chrissy detests Larry living upstairs.


Played by Sally Thomsett

Jo, the dippy blonde dolly bird who is rubbish at cooking, is very keen on having parties in the flat with loud music, the opposite of the Ropers! She is always forgetting things and is always doing things wrong. Jo is always being asked out by the men at the local pub and does not get on with Larry, like Chrissy, her best friend.

Mildred Roper[edit]

Played by Yootha Joyce

Mildred is the long suffering wife of George who is always getting on her nerves. Whether she buys a new hat or armchair, George is not bothered. It is hinted that she used to have many flings with men when she used to work at an airbase during the war. Mildred has a sister called Ethel, who is a snob and is disliked by George and many others. She also has a sexual interest in Robin, which leads Chrissy to become jealous. Mildred dislikes Jerry, George's best friend and odd-job man who is usually conning people.

George Roland Roper[edit]

Played by Brian Murphy

The dim husband of Mildred Roper is either at the pub, arguing with Mildred or watching his television set, which is always breaking down. George sometimes meets the flatmates in the local pub and is known to be fond of having a Scotch. George is easily led and once tried to trick the others into getting a ticket to see him singing at a local concert.

Larry Simmonds[edit]

Played by Doug Fisher

Larry is the best friend of Robin and the neighbour of Robin, Chrissy and Jo as he lives upstairs in the newly refurbished attic. He is frequently coming to Robin's flat to borrow things and never gives them back. Larry used to live in another flat but was evicted as he was not paying his rent. He is always bringing girls of all natures home, but, as he told Robin, he never gives his real name and usually gives false ones, one once being Robin Tripp!

Norman Tripp[edit]

Played by Norman Eshley

Norman Tripp is Robin's brother who is only seen at the end of the series. He comes to stay with Robin for a few days and starts a relationship with Chrissy. They then arrange to get married and the day before Norman and Chrissy's wedding and Mildred is upset that she has not received an invitation. However, when she delivers their wedding present she discovers that they have been invited and that George has hidden it from her because he wants to go to a darts match. Norman eventually marries Chrissy, and they presumably start a new life together.


Played by Roy Kinnear

The odd job man who is always persuaded by George to get him to do various jobs around the flat that do not even need doing. Apart from George, he is disliked by all, especially Mildred. He once diagnosed one of the doors in Robin, Chrissy and Jo's flat of having woodworm but it was actually the holes created from the darts that Robin uses as there is a darts board on the door too.

Mrs Plummer[edit]

Played by Daphne Oxenford

Chrissy's mother does everything to try and get Chrissy a good relationship. She is usually bothering Chrissy and annoys Robin. On the day of Chrissy's sister Susan's baby's christening, she goes on that much about Chrissy and Robin getting married that they return home.

Liz Martin[edit]

Played by Jenny Hanley

Liz Martin is Robin's girlfriend who appears in two episodes. Her first appearance sees her trying to sneak into the flat to spend some time with Robin. It is shown that she has many flings with men and when she is invited to Robin, Chrissy and Jo's party, she stays the whole time with Chrissy's boyfriend, Mark (played by Ian Lavender). Neigher are seen again in the series, perhaps in a relationship.

Jim the Barman[edit]

Played by Michael Segal

Seen in the first two series, Jim is the friendly barman at the local pub, The Mucky Duck. He often helps Robin out by giving him alcohol 'on the slate' for parties.

The Barman[edit]

Played by John Carlin

The Scottish barman at the pub, sometimes referred to as Percy, is obviously homosexual and frequently mis-understands what Chrissy is saying, thinking that it is something rude. He is very friendly to all, especially towards Robin, Larry and Mr Roper.

Dr. McCleod[edit]

Played by Duncan Lamont

The local doctor, who appears in two episodes, McCleod treats Robin for flu before his football match and appears again in the episode "Three of a Kind".