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George S. Chase was an American composer for film and library music, also known under the pseudonym "Franz Mahl". His use of a pseudonym was probably to avoid being directly associated with the material that he composed for a music library company called Video Moods.[citation needed]

Some of his compositions are widely known, as they were used in episodes of the 1955–1956 seasons of The Adventures of Superman. Several of those pieces, "Dark of the Moon," "Mystic Night," "Hypertension," and "Vigil," were also tracked into Edward D. Wood Jr.'s "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1956), which became a huge cult movie hit over the ensuing half-century.

In this period he published also a series of 78RPMs on Thomas J. Valentino's Major Records label under his real name, some of them together with the French library musician Roger Roger.

Discography[clarification needed][edit]

Major Records
Catalogue Nr.
5237 George Chase / Dick DuPage
5239 George Chase / Dick DuPage
5262 Geo. S. Chase / Ernie Watson
5265 Geo. S. Chase / Ernie Watson
5266 Geo. S. Chase / Roger Roger
5270 Geo. S. Chase / Roger Roger
5272 Geo. S. Chase / Roger Roger
5274 Geo. S. Chase
5275 Geo. S. Chase
5276 Geo. S. Chase
5277 Geo. S. Chase
5279 Geo. S. Chase
5282 Geo. S. Chase

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