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George Sibley Johns (1857–1941) was an American journalist, most notable as editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

George Sibley Johns
Born 1857 (1857)
St. Charles, Missouri, United States
Died July 16, 1941(1941-07-16) (aged 83–84)
Kirkwood, Missouri
Nationality United States of America
Education Princeton University
Occupation Newspaper reporter, editor
Title Editor, St. Louis Post Dispatch
Spouse(s) Minnehaha McDearmon
Children George McDearmon Johns, Orrick Glenday Johns, Horace Durfee Johns, John Hoyt Johns, Frederick Winston Johns, John Jay Johns, Helen Glenday Johns


Johns was born in St. Charles, Missouri, to John Jay Johns and Jane Amanda Durfee. He was named after George Champlin Sibley, founder of Lindenwood College. Johns attended Princeton University, where he met Woodrow Wilson. They remained friends for the remainder of Wilson's life. Upon returning to St. Charles, George studied law briefly with his uncle, Theodoric McDearmon. He and his brother, Glover Johns, started a weekly paper, the St. Charles Journal. Later, George went to work for Joseph Pulitzer at the St. Louis Post Dispatch, where he eventually became editor and was known as one of Pulitzer's "Fighting Editors".

Johns was married to Minnehaha McDearmon, with whom he had six sons, George McDearmon Johns, Horace Durfee Johns, John Hoyt Johns, Frederick Winston Johns, John Jay Johns and the poet and playwright Orrick Glenday Johns.



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