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George Sidhom (Arabic: جورج سيدهم‎, Coptic: ⲅⲉⲱⲣⲅⲉ ⲥⲓⲇϩⲟⲙ), born 28 May 1938, is a veteran Egyptian comedian.


He is famous for being part of the stand-up comedy trio Tholathy Adwa'a El Masrah, alongside Samir Ghanem and El Deif Ahmed.[1]

His first true encounter with fame, was when he formed 'Tholathy Adwa'a El Masrah' through which Samir Ghanem, El Deif Ahmed and he performed various musical sketches, stand-up comedy shows, comedy plays and movies.

Their debut was Doctor Save Me, a short performance that introduced them to the world of fame.

They presented the first-ever TV Ramadan Riddles and continued for ten years, written by Hussain El-Said.[2]

Their most popular movies are "Akher Shakawa" and "30 Yom fel Segn" plus "El Maganeen El Talata" (Egyptian titles).

After El Deif Ahmed's death in 1970, Ghanem and Sidhom continued under the same name (Tholathy Adwa'a El Masrah) until 1982. The two most famous plays by Tholathy Adwa'a El Masrah, after 1970, are

  • Mousiqa fi el-haii el-Sharqi (Music in East District)
  • Al-Mutazawwigun (The Married)
  • Ahlan ya Doktor (Welcome Doctor)
  • Julio & Romiette

George Sidhom retired years ago due to a brain stroke.[3]

He is married to Linda, who is a pharmacist. He also participated in Christian films as St Abanoub, and other films.

George Sidhom's style of comedy is a mixture of slapstick comedy, sarcasm and playing the role of a daft person. He also utilised his physique at points, with emphasis on overeating.

George Sidhom participated in various films 'El-Bahth 'an Fediha', 'Fi El-Seif Lazem Neheb'.

His acts[edit]

  • 1995 : algarage (the garage)
  • 1985 : el shaqamen ha' el zawga (the apartment is for the wife)
  • 1982 : al matooh (the idiot)
  • 1980 : qassr fel hawa' (a palace in the air)
  •  : ragab fo' safeeh sakhen (ragab above a hot tinplate)

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