George T. Stagg

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George T. Stagg Bourbon whiskey
George T Stagg.JPG
Bottle of George T. Stagg
Type Bourbon whiskey
Manufacturer Sazerac Company
Country of origin Kentucky, United States
Alcohol by volume 70.70% (varies)
Proof 141.4 (varies)
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George T. Stagg is a limited-production bourbon whiskey distributed by Buffalo Trace Distillery, as part of the distillery's "Antique Collection " series. It is a high proof uncut and unfiltered bourbon, aged for approximately 15 years. It has been distributed only once a year in the fall, but in 2005 a second spring release was added. It is rare to find outside the U.S., but some is distributed in other major cities.

Reviews and awards[edit]

The whiskey has been highly awarded in various spirit ratings competitions and has won best rankings in some years in Jim Murray's "Whisky Bible". The San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded three gold and three double gold medals to the bourbon between 2006 and 2012.[1]

George T. Stagg was awarded the Chairman's Trophy among Kentucky Straight Bourbons at the 2014 New York "Ultimate Spirits Challenge",[2] and in 2013 it won the Best North American Whiskey award at the World Whiskies Awards.[3]

Food critic Morgan Murphy once wrote "If you want your guests' eyes to pop out of their heads in a fit of bourbon ecstasy, this is your bourbon."[4]


Year/Information Proof  % ABV
2002 137.6 68.8
2003 142.7 71.35
2004 129 64.5
Spring 2005 Lot A: Kentucky 130.9 65.45
Spring 2005 Lot B: Non-Kentucky release 131.8 65.9
Fall 2005 141.2 70.6
2006 140.6 70.3
2007 144.8 72.4
2008 141.8 70.9
2009 141.4 70.7
2010 143.0 71.5
2011 142.6 71.3
2012 142.8 71.4
2013 128.2 64.1
2014 138.1 69.05


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