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George Terry (born in 1950) is an American blues rock and rock and roll guitarist. He did live and studio work with Eric Clapton during the 1970s and studio work with a number of other artists, including ABBA, the Bee Gees, Joe Cocker, Andy Gibb, Freddie King, Diana Ross, Stephen Stills, Air Supply and Kenny Rogers. Some of this work came through Terry's association with Bee Gees member Barry Gibb.

Prior to joining Clapton's band, Terry was a South Florida guitarist and session musician who had played with several bands including "GAME" who released two albums in 1970 and 1971. Terry was the group's featured lead guitarist and bassist, and wrote several songs on both albums.

Terry was a songwriter for Clapton, including co-author of the 1977 song "Lay Down Sally".[1][2]

In 1979 played the guitar for Italian singer Ivano Fossati on the album "La Mia Banda Suona Il Rock", recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami.

Life is a 1981 album by Terry and Kitty Woodson.[3][4] Its song "Cool Down" was released as a single.[5] "E.T. Phone Home", a song co-authored by Terry and Woodson, reached number 84 in the UK singles chart in 1983.[6][7]

In 2001 The Bellamy Brothers released The 25 Year Collection. One of its singles, "What'll I Do," was written by Terry.[1]

Terry released a solo album in 2004, entitled Guitar Drive.


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