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George Walpole Leake (3 December 1825 – 3 October 1895[1]) was a Western Australian barrister and magistrate and nephew of George Leake (1786–1849). For short periods of time he was also Attorney-General of Western Australia.[2]

Leake held the following positions in Western Australia: Acting Crown Solicitor, 1857–8, confirmed February 1860; Acting Police Magistrate, Perth, from 1863 to 1866; Public Prosecutor, 1873 to 1874; Q.C. and Crown Solicitor, 1875; Acting Attorney-General and a member of the Executive and Legislative Councils, 1879 to 1880, and for a short time in 1883; Acting Chief Justice, 1879–80 and 1888; Police Magistrate, Perth, 1881; Acting Government Resident, Geraldton, 1886; Acting Puisne Judge, 1887 and 1889–90. In December 1890 Leake was nominated to the new Western Australian Legislative Council, having resigned his position as police magistrate.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Leake arrived in the Swan River Colony aged 7 on 27 January 1833, on board Cygnet.[4] He travelled with his mother; his father having arrived in the colony some years previously. He did not stay long in Australia, being sent back to England after a few years to be schooled at King's College in London. Returning to the colony briefly after this, he then moved to Adelaide to study law.[4]

He married Rose Ellen Gliddon in September 1850.[4] Among their children were George Leake (1856–1902), who became Premier of Western Australia. Rose died in 1888,[5] and Leake remarried shortly after to a woman 40 years his junior.[6]

He retired in 1891,[4] and died four years later. His estate went to his second wife. [His childless brother's estate was inherited by Luke's widow, Lady Leake, when Sir Luke died in 1886 (she later married a Dr. Whaler, and returned to England)[7]]

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Further reading[edit]

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