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George Walton Comprehensive High School
Walton High School Seal.png
1590 Bill Murdock Rd.

United States
Coordinates33°59′20″N 84°26′30″W / 33.988776°N 84.441776°W / 33.988776; -84.441776Coordinates: 33°59′20″N 84°26′30″W / 33.988776°N 84.441776°W / 33.988776; -84.441776
TypePublic (charter) high school
PrincipalCatherine Mallanda
Enrollment2,710 (2015-16)[1]
YearbookThe Legend

George Walton Comprehensive High School, also known as Walton High School, is a public high school located in Marietta, Georgia, United States. It is in eastern Cobb County and is a charter school in the Cobb County School District. It is a School of Excellence and one of the top schools academically in the state. It is one of the larger high schools in the East Cobb area.

For many years Walton has been among the top high schools in Georgia in SAT scores.[2][full citation needed] In 2006, almost 800 Walton students took over 1,800 Advanced Placement exams, making it the school with the greatest number of test-takers in Georgia. Walton was also one of six featured "Outstanding American High Schools" out of 96 total by U.S.News & World Report in 1999 because of its high parental involvement and overall high level of achievement.[3] In 2011, Walton was ranked 67 by Newsweek based on new factors: graduation rate (25%), college matriculation rate (25%), AP tests taken per graduate (25%), average SAT/ACT scores (10%), average AP/IB/AICE scores (10%), and AP courses offered (5%).[4]


The front entrance of the New 2017 Walton Building from a second floor classroom, with the old building on left.
Mr. Raider leads the football team onto the field before a game.

Construction of Walton High School began in 1973, and the school opened in 1975. Various sections of the school have been renovated, and entirely new halls have been added continuously, each time with their own distinct type of architecture and style. Throughout these many years of construction, especially in recent years, mobile classrooms, colloquially called "trailers," were added to accommodate for the classrooms rendered unavailable. A small number are still in use today, primarily for required Health classes and formerly for in-school suspension.

Walton has been a Georgia School of Excellence since the program's creation in 1984, and in the same year was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.[5][6] Walton became a charter school in 1998.[7] This charter, renewed in 2003 and 2008, has allowed Walton to alter and transcend certain regulations the state school board put into place, to further academic and extracurricular success.

Dumb & Dumberer[edit]

Portions of the 2003 movie Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd were filmed in the Walton auto shop, science rooms, and cafeteria.[8] The basketball gym was painted over with the film's fictional logo, and to replace it, part of the film's budget went towards buying a new floor for the entire gym, which is still in use today.

Student life[edit]

Walton High School contains about 2,800 students in grades 9–12, making it the largest school in Cobb County. The class of 2012 has 680 students in its class. The class of 2006 contained 572 students, 95% of whom enrolled in a four-year college or university. The ethnic composition of the school is approximately 79% white, 15% Asian, 4% African-American, and 2% Hispanic.[9][3][10][11] These figures are at least partially due to the many families that move to the district primarily for the educational opportunity.

Most Walton students take six classes a semester, making seven periods a day, including a lunch period, usually either 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Some students opt to forgo lunch, or "audit," in place of another academic or elective class. Seniors are allowed the option of "Minimum Day" in which students may only take five classes (dropping a lunch period, as well) and leave to go to their occupation outside of school. Also, homeroom, or "advisement," is between 1st and 2nd period instead of before all classes, like in most high school schedules.

Students and parents are given access to grade, attendance, and behavior reports and updates online at the school website. This, along with the already large parent participation in school activities, organizations, and events, provides for even more parental involvement in students' education.

Dodgen and Dickerson Middle Schools are Walton's feeder schools.

Walton has received national press attention for the intensity of the student attitudes; the students often take an extra class before school ("zero period"). Every year, some take as many as seven classes, often skipping lunch to do so. A 4.28/4 is commonly the GPA cutoff for the top 10% of the class, and a 3.9/4 for the top 25%.[citation needed]


This classroom in the renovated B Hall is used to teach calculus.

121 full-time and 15 part-time teachers are employed at Walton, as well as seven full-time and two part-time administrators. Including other special resource teachers and support staff, Walton has 174 full-time and 21 part-time employees.[9] The student-teacher ratio is 20:1, above the state average of 14:1.[12]


Walton gained charter status in 1998, which was renewed in 2003, 2008, and 2012. Walton's administration has made several changes to the school's policy and schedule, among other areas, through this. One of the changes is the Walton Governance Council, which replaces the original local council in matters pertaining to the maintenance of the charter and its renewal every five years. This larger and more diverse council was also a change given by the charter itself to better represent its stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and others).[9]

Possibly Walton's most noticeable change is the Walton Enrichment Block, or WEB, which shortens classes one day a week (usually Wednesday) to provide students several hours to complete missed assignments, receive individual instruction, or simply leave early. WEBs only occur on weeks without any other events such as county-mandated teacher workdays or early releases.

Walton also allows students to take additional classes before and after school. Many students today take advantage of 0 Period to take an additional course each day before the normal school day begins. 0 period is also included in the "Flex Schedule," in which students may leave after 6th period by taking a 0 period class, thus still giving six classes and a lunch period. The 8th period adopted in the 2008 charter will likely serve similar purposes as 0 period.[9]

The use of online grade, attendance, and discipline reports on the school's website is another long-standing addition. Parents are encouraged to visit the site to keep track of their student's progress and to maintain overall parental involvement in each student's education. Other changes to Walton's policy include using textbooks other than those specified by the county and having local control over funds given by the state.

One other significant change Walton makes, though not specifically regulated by the charter, is known as the incentive policy. If a student has A averages (90–100%) in any classes, he or she may exempt the final exams at the end of the semester for any two of them. The same is allowed if the student has a passing grade and two or fewer absences in that class. Tardies are also included in determining incentive, with three tardies equating to one absence. The student will also receive an additional 10% on each final taken with the attendance incentive.

The petition adopted in 2008 also proposes a new method of evaluating teachers called the "Collaborative Growth Model," a release from mandated End of Course Test days that conflict with AP exams, and recognition of Project Lead the Way courses as being worthy of half a quality point towards a grade point average.[9]

Extracurricular activities[edit]

The school offers many clubs, groups, and societies exist for a variety of interests. Walton has a Beta Club, a National Honor Society, and a Habitat for Humanity group. It also has a Politically Active Citizens, and a Future Physicians Club.[13] Aside from general interest groups, service clubs, and honor societies, students may participate in various sports, fine arts, and academic organizations.


Walton helmet with football

Walton has won the GADA Dodge AAAAA Directors Cup four times since its creation in 1999 for having superior overall athletic performance[14] and five consecutive volleyball championships from 1999 to 2002.[15] In recent years, it has won state championships in boys' tennis, led by outgoing team captain Mitch Lyons, girls' tennis,[14][16] boys' soccer (2006, 2008, 2011),[17] and boys' baseball.[14] Also in 2011, the men's lacrosse team had an undefeated year where they won the school's first lacrosse championship, and made a promising run in the 2014 season under new Head Coach Griffin Spotz, making it to the semi-finals. In 2004, the Walton Raider football team went undefeated in their region. The Raiders beat Valdosta High School in the state quarter-finals to advance to the state semi-finals at the Georgia Dome, before falling to Parkview High School. In 2007, the Raiders were again region champions, beating the previous state champion and nationally ranked Roswell High School, and the last undefeated team Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in the state quarter-finals to advance to the state semi-finals before falling to North Gwinnett High School at the Georgia Dome.[15]

The boys' curling team, which was started in 2007, won its first state championship in 2008 after just one year of training. They went on to nationals, only to finish in last place.

The Raider rugby team, founded in 2007 by Shelby Palubiak, won its third straight state high school championship in 2010.[18] Raider Rugby is still a club team but is currently working on becoming a school-supported sport. They recently hired new head coach, Jason Payne, the USA U-20 skills coach, to help them move to higher levels of rugby.[19]

"Raider Valley", the home field of the Walton Raiders, went through some major renovations during the summer of 2010. The football team raised enough money to build a whole new stadium. The Raiders put in a new football field, along with a top-of-the-line Jumbotron score board. The renovations took place all summer; the new turf field is meant to be beneficial to all outdoor activities.[20]

Football Region 6-AAAAA 2008–2010
Subregion A Subregion B
Campbell Alpharetta
Lassiter Centennial
Pope Kell
Walton Milton
Wheeler Roswell
Football Region 5-AAAAA 2011[21]
Football Region Championships[22]
Year Record
1986 11–3 (Region 5-AAAA)
1999 9–2 (Region 6-AAAA)
2003 11–1 (Region 5-AAAAA)
2004 12–2 (Region 6-AAAAA)
2007 12–2 (Region 6-AAAAA)
2008 9–2 (Region 6-AAAAA)
2011 14–1 (Region 6-AAAAA)


The Walton Academic Bowl team won the GATA varsity state championship from 2004 to 2006.[citation needed] It has won numerous prestigious awards, and its members won the American Academic Challenge in 1995.[23] The team also consistently wins the annual televised High Q competition.

The Science Bowl team won the state championship in 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012, and also placed third in the 2005 national competition.[24]

The Math Team has won the state championship nine times. The team has won numerous tournaments and awards in the past few years. Many of the members are also members of the Georgia ARML team. The Walton MathFest, a math tournament and conference for high school students, is hosted by the team in the spring.

Walton Mock Trial won their regional competition for four years consecutively, in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, with many individual students winning awards at both the regional competition and the state competition. The program continues to grow more competitive each year.

Other academic extracurriculars include Debate Team and the Raider Script magazine.

Notable alumni[edit]


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