George Washington (Ward)

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George Washington
George Washington Statue at Federal Hall.JPG
The statue in 2010
George Washington is located in Manhattan
George Washington
George Washington
Location in Manhattan
Artist John Quincy Adams Ward
Year 1883 (1883)
Type Sculpture
Medium Bronze
Subject George Washington
Location New York City
Coordinates 40°42′27″N 74°00′37″W / 40.7074°N 74.0104°W / 40.7074; -74.0104Coordinates: 40°42′27″N 74°00′37″W / 40.7074°N 74.0104°W / 40.7074; -74.0104

George Washington is a large bronze sculpture of George Washington by John Quincy Adams Ward, located on the front steps of Federal Hall National Memorial, on Wall Street in New York City. The statue was unveiled in 1883 to commemorate Washington's first inauguration in 1789. At the time, Federal Hall, which served as the capitol building of the United States, stood on the site, and Washington took the oath of office on the balcony of that building, approximately where the statue now stands.[1]

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