George Washington High School (Guam)

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George Washington High School
George Washington High School is located in Guam
George Washington High School
George Washington High School
298 Washington Drive
Coordinates 13°26′17″N 144°48′21″E / 13.43806°N 144.80583°E / 13.43806; 144.80583Coordinates: 13°26′17″N 144°48′21″E / 13.43806°N 144.80583°E / 13.43806; 144.80583
Opened 1965
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 2,610 (2009-10)

George Washington High School is a public secondary school located at 298 Washington Drive in Mangilao, in the United States territory of Guam.

The school, a part of the Guam Department of Education (formerly Guam Public School System), opened in 1965 and serves grades 9 through 12.[1]

As of 2014 the school serves the villages of Mangilao, Agana Heights, Chalan Pago-Ordot, and Sinajana. At the start of this school year, students residing in the villages of Barrigada and Mongmong-Toto-Maite are required to attend Tiyan High School. [2]

Student body[edit]

During the 2009-2010 school year, the school had 2,610 students. Of them, 1,750 (67%) were Chamorro, 346 (13.3%) were Filipino, 199 (7.6%) were Chuukese, 60 (2.3%) were Palauan, 43 (1.6%) were Yapese, 37 (1.4%) were Others/Mixed, 34 (1.3%) were White non-Hispanic, 32 (1.2%) were Pohnpeian, 17 were from Saipan, 14 were Korean, 13 were other Pacific Islanders (such as Fijians), 12 were African American, 11 were Marshallese, 8 were Chinese, 6 were Hawaiian, 6 were Hispanic, 6 were Kosraen, 5 were from Rota, 3 were Japanese, 3 were Samoan, 2 were Native American/Alaska Natives, 2 were Vietnamese, and 1 was Indonesian.[3]

George Washington High School requires uniforms, along with the rest of the schools under the Guam Public School System.

Notable alumni[edit]


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