George Washington High School (San Francisco)

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George Washington High School
George Washington High School.jpg
George Washington High School (San Francisco) is located in San Francisco
George Washington High School (San Francisco)
George Washington High School (San Francisco) is located in California
George Washington High School (San Francisco)
George Washington High School (San Francisco) is located in the US
George Washington High School (San Francisco)
600 32nd Avenue


Coordinates37°46′40.13″N 122°29′31.24″W / 37.7778139°N 122.4920111°W / 37.7778139; -122.4920111Coordinates: 37°46′40.13″N 122°29′31.24″W / 37.7778139°N 122.4920111°W / 37.7778139; -122.4920111
MottoOf all victories first and greatest is for a man to conquer himself - Plato
EstablishedAugust 4, 1936
School districtSan Francisco Unified School District
PrincipalSusan Saunders
Enrollment2,001 (2014-15)[1]
Color(s)Scarlet and Gray
TeamsWashington Eagles

George Washington High School is a public high school in Richmond District, San Francisco, California.[2] In 2011, Washington High was ranked by Newsweek's Jay Mathews Challenge Index as the 497th best high school in the United States.[3]


George Washington High School opened on August 4, 1936 to serve as a secondary school for the people of San Francisco’s Richmond District. The school was built on a budget of $8,000,000, on a site overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The lobby is decorated with murals by Victor Arnautoff in the "buon fresco" styles. They depict scenes from the life and times of George Washington. The stadium, auditorium, and gymnasium were added in 1940. The school was formally dedicated on Armistice Day of 1940. The accomplishments of its students in various fields of academics, athletics, leadership, and extracurricular activities have given George Washington High School an outstanding reputation among California high schools. The school was also used in an episode of the hit TV series "The Streets of San Francisco." Maureen McCormick plays a teenage hooker attending the school. There are two scenes showing the school and its view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The episode was in season five.[citation needed]

In 1981 the Pacific News Service aired a story about race-based gangs at George Washington High School.[4]


White Latino Asian African American Filipino Pacific Islander American Indian Two or More Races
8% 14% 64% 4% 4% 1% 0.5% 1%

According to US News and World Report, 92% of Washington's student body is "of color," with 62% of the student body coming from an economically disadvantaged household, determined by student eligibility for California's Reduced-price meal program. [5]


A. E. Lubamersky Industrial Arts Center

600 32nd Ave, San Francisco, California

George Washington High School's campus is located kitty-corner to Presidio Middle School, also a public school.

Facilities include:

  • 3-story academic building
  • 2-story shop building
  • Auditorium/Theater
  • Computer Labs
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Track and field
  • 2 Batting cages
  • Front Toss cage
  • Bullpen
  • American football field/Soccer Field
  • Soccer/multipurpose field
  • 6 tennis courts
  • 3 full-sized basketball courts
  • 1 half-sized basketball court


In 2011, Newsweek ranked George Washington as the 497th best high school in America. The school prides itself on the academic excellence of its programs with emphasis on AP courses. The curriculum includes a variety of advanced Visual Performing Arts classes including: Dance Company, Ceramics, Vocal Music, Band and Orchestra and Computer Art. There is a state-of-the-art computer lab and a Computer Science pathway, plus courses in Robotics. Washington is one of only two San Francisco public high schools with a Marching Band [the other is Burton].

The school is a Newcomer Pathway school that serves recently arrived students from all over the world, primarily from those from China and Latin America. There is also an extensive program for special needs students who comprise about 10% of the student population.


The George Washington High athletic program is governed by Academic Athletic Association (AAA) and is sanctioned by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)

George Washington High School supports 20 varsity and 7 junior varsity and frosh-soph programs. It is the only San Francisco public high school with Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams.

Sports offered include Dragon Boat, Cross Country, Tennis Girls, Football, Soccer Boys, Volleyball Boys, Golf Girls, Volleyball Girls, Wrestling, Swimming, Badminton, Baseball, Fencing, Softball, Basketball, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Golf Boys, Tennis Boys, Soccer Girls, Track & Field, as well as Cheerleading.

Recent League Championships[edit]

2014-2015 Boys Varsity Volleyball Champions

2013-2014 Varsity Boys Baseball Runner-Up

2013-2014 JV Girls Basketball City Champions

2012-2013 Frosh-Soph Boys Basketball Champions

2012-2013 Varsity Softball Runner-up

2012-2013 Varsity Boys Baseball Runner-up

2011-2012 Varsity Boys Baseball Trans Bay Champions

2011-2012 Varsity Boys Baseball Champions

2011-2012 Varsity Softball Runner-up

2011-2012 All City Wrestling Champions

2011-2012 Varsity Boys Football Runner-up

2010-2011 Varsity Boys Baseball Champions

2010-2011 Varsity Boys Basketball Champions

2010-2011 Varsity Boys Football Champions

2010-2011 Varsity Girls Golf Runner-up

2009-2010 Varsity Softball Trans Bay Champions

2009-2010 Varsity Softball Champions

2009-2010 All City Badminton Champions

2009-2010 Varsity Girls Soccer Runner-up

2009-2010 All City Wrestling Champions

2009-2010 Varsity Girls Tennis Runner-up

2008-2009 Varsity Boys Golf Champions

2008-2009 JV Boys Basketball Champions

2008-2009 Varsity Boys Baseball Champions

2008-2009 Varsity Softball Runner-up

2008-2009 All City Badminton Runner-up

2008-2009 All City Wrestling Champions

2007-2008 JV Boys Baseball City Champions

2007-2008 Varsity Boys Swimming Champions

2007-2008 Varsity Softball Runner-up

2007-2008 All City Badminton Runner-up

2007-2008 Varsity Boys Golf Champions

2007-2008 JV Girls Basketball City Champions

2007-2008 All City Wrestling Champions

2006-2007 Varsity Boys Swimming Champions

2006-2007 JV Boys Baseball City Champions

2006-2007 All City Badminton Runner-up

2006-2007 Varsity Boys Tennis Runner-up

2006-2007 Varsity Boys Golf Runner-up

2006-2007 Track & Field Runner-up

2005-2007 Varsity Baseball Transbay champions

2005-2006 Varsity Baseball City Champions

2005-2006 Varsity Boys Volleyball Champions

2004-2005 Fencing City Champions

2003-2004 Varsity Football Champions

2001-2006 5 in a row Softball All City Champions

2001-2002 All City Badminton Champions

2000-2001 Varsity Football Champions

2000-2001 Varsity Baseball Champions

2000-2001 All City Badminton Champions

1999-2000 Varsity Football Champions

1999-2001 Varsity Girls Basketball Champions


Washington Hymn[edit]

The Washington Hymn is the official song of George Washington High School.

Notable alumni[edit]

Senior graduation, 2005, with familiar view of Golden Gate Bridge
Senior graduation, 2006

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