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Tom Patricola and Ann Pennington dance "The Black Bottom" for George White

George White's Scandals were a long-running string of Broadway revues produced by George White that ran from 1919–1939, modeled after the Ziegfeld Follies.[1] The "Scandals" launched the careers of many entertainers, including W. C. Fields, the Three Stooges, Ray Bolger, Helen Morgan, Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Eleanor Powell, Bert Lahr and Rudy Vallée.[1] Louise Brooks, Dolores Costello, Barbara Pepper, and Alice Faye got their show business start as lavishly dressed (or underdressed) chorus girls strutting to the "Scandal Walk."[citation needed] Much of George Gershwin's early work appeared in the 1920–24 editions of Scandals. The Black Bottom, danced by Ziegfeld Follies star Ann Pennington and Tom Patricola, touched off a national dance craze.[citation needed]

George White's Scandals is also the name of several movies set within the Scandals, all of which focus primarily on the show's acts, with a thin backstage plot stringing them all together. The best known of these was 1934's George White's Scandals written by Jack Yellen, which marked the film debut of Alice Faye.[2] Flapper-era cartoonist and designer Russell Patterson worked on Broadway in various capacities; for George White's Scandals of 1936, he served as scenic designer.[3] George White's Scandals of 1920 was featured in an episode of the television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.[citation needed]

George White[edit]

White was an American theatrical producer and director who also was an actor, choreographer, composer, dancer, dramatist, lyricist and screenwriter, as well as a Broadway theater-owner. Appearing in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1915, he popularized the Turkey Trot dance.[4][5]

The Scandals casts[edit]

Christine Welford appeared in the 1919, 1920 and 1921 editions.[6]











  • Jack Durant
  • Elm City Four
  • Ted and Sally
  • Willie and Eugene Howard
  • Frances Williams
  • Marietta Canty
  • The George White Girls


1932 (Music Hall Varieties)[edit]

1934 (film)[edit]

1935 (film)[edit]




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