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George Wilberforce Kakoma (27 July 1923 – 8 April 2012) was a graduate of Trinity College of Music and Durham University who composed "Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty", Uganda's national anthem.

Prior to Uganda's independence, three sub-committees were established to deal with Uganda’s national symbols. The sub-committee for the creation of a national anthem encouraged Ugandans to submit their proposals.

"The compositions had to be short, original, solemn, praising and looking forward to the future. They had to be harmonised in the usual four parts-soprano, alto, tenor and bass," said Kakoma in an interview.

In July 1962, the committee chose Kakoma's composition. It had taken him a day to compose the music and lyrics for Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty.

Kakoma died on 8 April 2012 in Kampala's Kololo suburb, aged 89. He had been ill since February 2011.[1]


  • George W. Kakoma, Songs from Buganda, Univ. of London Press, London 1969, ISBN 0-340-09438-9 has died on 4/8/2012


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