George de Athequa

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George de Athequa
Bishop of Llandaff
Church Roman Catholic
See Diocese of Llandaff
In office 1517–1537
Predecessor Miles Salley
Successor Robert Holgate
Personal details
Born Spain
Died 1537

George de Athequa was a Bishop of Llandaff in the early days of the Reformation. A Spaniard by birth, he was chaplain to Queen Catharine of Aragon, with whom he left Spain for England. He died in March 1537.

He alienated property from the see of Llandaff, notably the bishop's manor at Nash. He is thought to be one of the sources for the Spanish Chronicle.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Miles Salley
Bishop of Llandaff
Succeeded by
Robert Holgate