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Not to be confused with Curious George.
George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle (2007 TV series).png
A picture depicting George in the new series
Genre Comedy
Created by Jay Ward (original series)
Directed by (Original Series)
J. Falconer
(Revival Series)
Voices of (Original Series)
Lee Tockar
Paul Dobson
Britt Irvin
Tabitha St. Germain
(Revival Series)
Cory Doran
Rob Tinkler
Linda Ballantyne
Bridget Wareham
Narrated by (Original Series)
Peter Kelamis
(Revival Series)
Jeff Lumby
Theme music composer Sheldon Allman and Stan Worth (original)
Opening theme "George of the Jungle", performed by Urban Legend
Ending theme "George of the Jungle" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) Michael Richard Plowman
Country of origin Canada
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (104 segments) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Chris Bartleman
Evan Baily
Eric Ellenbogen
Blair Peters
Rob Simmons
Tiffany Ward
Producer(s) Kevin Gamble
Mike Weiss
Running time 12 minutes
Production company(s) Studio B Productions
Classic Media
Bullwinkle Studios
Teletoon Original Production
Switch Animation
August Media
Original network Teletoon
Original release June 22, 2007 – present
Preceded by George of the Jungle (1967)

George of the Jungle is a Canadian animated television series. It is the remake of the 1967 animated series of the same name, using Adobe Flash animation. It is produced in Canada, airing there on Teletoon. The remake mostly stays true to the original production, with a few key differences existing between the two. One episode of the show typically consists of two 12-minute episodes. This is unlike the original cartoon, which featured other stories such as Tom Slick and Super Chicken. The original series aired from June 22, 2007 until January 11, 2008, with a revival series to air in late 2015/early 2016. The revival series features numerous changes to the characters in terms of their names, designs and voices, music and story arch structure to make the show more similar to the 1967 version.


Main characters[edit]

  • George (voiced by Lee Tockar (Season 1); Cory Doran (Season 2 and UK Dub)) – A friendly, yet dim-witted vine-swinging man in a loincloth, George lives in a jungle in Africa, acting as the "king of the jungle" in a Tarzan-ish role. Possessing incredible strength, bravery and a penchant for repeatedly crashing into trees while vine-swinging, George acts as the protector of all the jungle's inhabitants. He also acts immature (picking his nose and eating snot) and speaks in the third person ("George can't hear you"). Despite that he had a scrawny appearance, he is quite strong for a normal man, he also believes he is an ape, and doesn't realize he is human. In the revival series, he now looks like the 1967 version.
  • Ape (voiced by Paul Dobson (Season 1); Robert Tinkler (Season 2) – A sarcastic and intelligent gorilla that lives with George in the jungle. He functions as George's surrogate brother, parental-figure and best friend, although his attempts to educate George have a long history of repeated failures. He also tends to serve as the voice of reason most of the time. In "George's Birthday Present", it is revealed Ape is 5 years old in ape years. Every time he hears the sound of Mitch's bongos, he dances uncontrollably which results in mass insanity and the destruction of their Tree House and he dances on his fingers when George uses a leaf as a Kazoo as revealed in "Ape goes Ape". In the revival series, he now has a British accent, just like in the 1967 version.
  • Magnolia (Ursula Scott in Season 1) (voiced by Britt Irvin (Season 1); Bridget Wareham (Season 2)  – A tomboyish city girl who came to live in the jungle with George and his friends along with her father. She quickly forms a bond with Ursula, causing the two to be frequently seen together. Young, reckless and eager to introduce modern culture into the jungle, Ursula often tries to educate her new friends to the marvels of modern city life (such as Christmas or traffic systems), only to usually have her attempts backfire. Regardless, she does her best to assist her friends when necessary. She is still adjusting to jungle life, and so she still has much to learn. Ursula's father is a local jungle scientist.
  • Ursula (Magnolia in Season 1) (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain (Season 1); Linda Ballantyne (Season 2)) – A native of the jungle and valley girl figure, she is one of George's closest friends, and has become Magnolia's best friend since she came to the jungle. Despite her dressing in jungle attire (such as loincloths and sticks) as well as fits of hyperactivity, she originally appeared to be very well educated in both human and jungle knowledge, often helping to bridge the gap between Ursula's city life and jungle life. She originally spoke with a Southern accent, and can appear somewhat dimwitted at times. Her father is the local jungle Witch Doctor. In the second season, she is now feral to the point that she can't speak properly.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Narrator (voiced by Peter Kelamis (Season 1); Jeff Lumby (Season 2) - The narrator of each George of the Jungle episode. In comparison to the narrator of the original cartoon, he speaks in a documentary-style fashion, often beginning each episode claiming "To survive in the jungle". often followed by a situation in complete contrast to the first impression of his introduction.
  • Dr. Towel Scott (voiced by Mark Oliver) - The modern doctor now living in the jungle with his daughter. He has formed a somewhat friendly (and often hostile) rivalry with the local Witch Doctor, continuously trying to disprove his barbaric medicine and shaman skills with modern science (often with equally unsuccessful results). He is Ursula's father.
  • Witch Doctor (voiced by Brian Drummond (Season 1); Martin Julian (Season 2) – Magnolia's father, a very compact, diminutive character who believes his shaman skills are the solution to all problems. He often competed with Ursula's father and his modern medicine to see who can solve a problem first, although neither usually provides the solution to whatever problem they tackle. In the second season, the Witch Doctor isn't related to Ursula (Magnolia in the original series).
  • Big Mitch (voiced by Doron Bell) – A conniving marmoset and frequent pest to the jungle community. He lives in an ancient temple full of riches and booby traps, and has a pair of Bongos with him.
  • Shep: George's elephant friend who actually acts like a dog. He travels with George on most of his adventures, only rivaled by Tookie-Tookie. He is very untrained, and can often be seen destroying sections of the jungle. Shep likes to play with George a lot, often playing with him when he should be helping people throughout the jungle.
  • Tookie Tookie Bird (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain (Season 1); Cory Doran (Season 2) – George's second pet, a parrot-like bird that can only say his own name. Also known as Tookarus Birdoozi.

Other characters[edit]

  • Carl: Carl is a baboon who constantly makes a fool out of George and Ape.
  • Cousin Larry (voiced by Peter Kelamis) – George's arrogant human cousin, who does his best to win at everything, no matter the cost. He was eventually revealed to be a cheater in all his victories and was ousted from the jungle.
  • Cousin Papaya: George and Ape’s cousin, a King Kong gorilla that made a promise to beat the leaving day lights out of anyone who would mess with George or Ape and the others gorillas.
  • Edward Madmun: The creator of Madmun Island. He has an associate (and later enemy) who helped him climb to the top of Mount Everest and swim Madmun across the English Channel. George, Ape and the others often accidentally say "Madman" for his name, but someone always reminds them "It's MadMUN!".
  • Lion: A lion who was defeated by George in his childhood.
  • Tiger: A hungry predator who likes to feast on small defenseless creatures and somehow appears randomly in cameos (as seen in "Rainy Season" and "Eagle Tick").


Season 1 Cast

Season 2 Cast


  • Michel Selventé - Art Director and Character Designer
  • J. Falconer - Series Director (Season 1)
  • TBA Series Director (Season 2)


DVD release[edit]

The original series was released on DVD in Region 1 on August 19, 2008, titled George of the Jungle: The Swinging First Season.[1]


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