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Georges-Albert Puyou de Pouvourville (pen name: Matgioi; 7 August 1861 – 30 December 1939) was a French orientalist, mystic, poet, and translator.


He was born in Nancy into a military family, and took part in several expeditions in China serving in military and administrative capacities. He was a follower of the Christian mystical system Martinism, and was consecrated bishop in the (French Gnostic Church) taking the name of Tau Simon. His long periods of living in Tonkin and other provinces enabled him to understand Chinese thought. Under the influence of a Taoist master, he was initiated into a Chinese secret society, and adopted the name "Matgioi" (which means "eye of the day").

He eventually returned to France, and occupied himself with the teaching of Taoism. He presented Taoist doctrines in his works, especially La Voie Métaphysique and La Voie Rationale, emphasizing both the principles and the applications of the system. He also wrote several book on China and the French colonies in Asia.

He died in Paris.


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