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Georges Bernardi (1922–1999) was a French entomologist, reading and speaking Russian, French and English. He was the only French representative to participate at the elaboration of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.


With Le Moult[edit]

When working at Eugène Le Moult's shop he wrote some important works in the journal Miscellanea Entomologica:

At the Paris Museum[edit]

More important works were:

  • 1954. Révision des Pierinae de la faune malgache, 137 pages
  • 1985. Le polymorphisme et le mimétisme de Papilio dardanus Brown, 50 pages, 3 plates (1 in colours), Bulletin de la société entomologique de France, 90, pp. 1106–1155 (with J. Pierre and T. H. Ngyuen).

As a director of thesis, he supervised the works of J. Plantrou on Charaxes[1] and of Nguyen Thi Hong on the Apatura.[2]


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