Georges Beuchat

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Georges Beuchat
Georges BEUCHAT.jpg
Georges Beuchat in 1980.
Born February 11, 1910
Died 1992
Marseille, France
Occupation French Inventor,

Georges Beuchat (1910–1992) was a French inventor, diver, businessman and emblematic pioneer of underwater activities and founder of Beuchat.

Throughout his lifetime, Georges Beuchat never ceased developing products which have significantly enhanced underwater activity as we know it today. Many of his inventions and innovations have gone down in history, including the surface buoy in 1948, the first underwater camera housing in 1950, and the first vented fins (the Jetfins in 1964).

Beuchat Inventions[edit]

  • 1947: Tarzan Speargun
  • 1948: Surface Buoy
  • 1950: Tarzan camera housing
  • 1950: Tarzan Calf cover
  • 1958: Compensator (single-window mask)
  • 1960: Espadon nervure fins
  • 1963: Tarzan wetsuit
  • 1964: Jetfins (1st vented fins. 100,000 units sold in the first few years)
  • 1964: Souplair regulator
  • 1975: Marlin speargun
  • 1978: Atmos regulator


  • Georges Beuchat received the Exportation Award in 1961.

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