Georges Flachaire

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Georges Charles Marie François Flachaire
Born 24 October 1892
Grasse, France
Died 30 April 1973
Caracas, Venezuela
Allegiance France
Service/branch Artillery; aviation
Rank Sous lieutenant
Unit Escadrille 67, Escadrille 105
Awards Légion d'honneur, Médaille militaire, Croix de Guerre, British Military Cross
Other work Served entirety of World War II

Sous lieutenant Georges Charles Marie François Flachaire was a World War I flying ace credited with eight aerial victories.[1]

Flachaire joined the artillery in 1914. He soon volunteered for aviation. He was posted to Escadrille 67 on 1 September 1915. He piloted two-seater Nieuports until the new single-seated fighters showed up. He then scored his first triumph on 30 April 1916, earning the Médaille militaire by his actions.[2] His next victory, on 28 July 1916, was shared with Georges Lachmann and Jean Matton. He scored once in September, three times in October, and notched his seventh on 23 November 1916.[3] He was awarded the British Military Cross in early 1917.[4] He scored one last win on 17 August 1917.[5]

Honors and awards[edit]

Médaille militaire

"On 30 April 1916, he attacked an enemy plane that was bombing our positions. After a serious combat during which he ran out of ammunition and fuel, he manoeuvred so adroitly that he forced his adversary to land in our lines where the pilot and observer were made prisoners. Already cited in Orders."[6]

Légion d'honneur

"Remarkable pilot of skill, courage and audacity, which he displayed during recent operations, during the course of which he provided the most highly conspicuous services. On 20 and 21 October 1916, he downed, in the most brilliant fashion, his fourth and fifth enemy planes. The first in our lines and the second in the German Lines. Médaille militaire and cited in orders three times."[7]

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