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Georges Fouquet (1862 – 1957) was a French jewelry manufacturer considered both master of Art Nouveau and master jeweler.[1] In Paris, he joined his father in the family business in 1891[2] and opens in 1900 a new Bijouterie Fouquet at 6 rue Royale in Paris with the help of interior designer, Alphonse Mucha.[3] Contrary to Lalique but like Henri Vever, Georges Fouquet expressed himself through more synthetic geometric forms.[4][5] In 1900, Fouquet was featured at the Exposition Universelle in Paris.[6] He also designed jewels for French actresses such as Sarah Bernhardt.[7] Pieces of his work can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,[8] the Victoria and Albert Museum,[9] the Petit Palais.[10] The Carnavalet Museum in Paris hosts a replica of Georges Bouquet boutique.[11]


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