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Georges Kazazian (Arabic: جـورج كازازيان‎‎) (born 25 Jan 1953[1]) is an Egyptian-Armenian composer and oud player. As of May 2010, he had published a dozen albums. He was born in Cairo and has mostly worked there. The musicians he works with are usually Egyptian also. His music doesn't fit an established genre label, but on one of his albums he calls it "Egyptian Jazz"—a label suffering from the diversity of music that may be called Jazz. Despite having a fair amount of Arabic Takht aethetics, his music has more appeal in Europe than in the Arab world, as evidenced by where his presence and absence is on the Internet today. Albums currently in print include Sabil (1991), Sagate (1997), Sajaya (1997), Nil Sangit (1999), Suite "al Ganûb" (1999, 3-CD set), Monaga (2001), Azraq (2002), Dayra Jazz (2002), Neel Dhun (2008), Zafir (2008).

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