Georges Lakhovsky

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Georges Lakhovsky
Born17 September 1870
Died31 August 1942(1942-08-31) (aged 71)
Cause of deathStruck by a limousine
Resting placePassy Cemetery, Paris
Other namesGeorges Lakhovski
Alma materEngineering Institute of Odessa
Known forMultiple Wave Oscillator
(An alternative medical device)
Home townParis

Georges Lakhovsky (born Georgei Lakhovsky; Russian: Георгий Лаховский; 17 September 1869 – 31 August 1942) was a Belarusian-French engineer, author[1] and inventor. His controversial medical treatment invention, the Multiple Wave Oscillator,[2] is described as having been used by him in the treatment of cancer. The main circuit basically consists of concentric rings forming electrical dipole antennas having capacitive gaps opposing each other by 180° (called Lakhovsky antennas). The circuit is fed with high voltage, high frequency, impulses from a generator, usually a Tesla coil. If set up correctly, the unit is supposed to create a broad band frequency spectrum of low amplitude, consisting of much more substantially lower and higher frequencies, from 1 Hz to 300 GHz, than those of the exciting generator, usually several 100 kHz to a few MHz from a Tesla transformer or several kilohertz from an induction coil. But the power of this broad band noise spectrum is very low. In order to create more harmonics and sub-harmonics, an additional spark gap on the secondary side has been found in some devices, being mounted directly on the antenna, or being mounted in parallel to the secondary coil. None of the claimed benefits and effects for health have ever been proven by modern science.


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