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Georges Nguyen Van Loc (2 April 1933, Marseille, France – 7 December 2008, Cannes, France) was a French policeman, actor and author.

He worked as a policeman, police inspector and commissioner in his native Marseille for many years. He later wrote an autobiography about his career as a police officer and played himself in a television series based on his life. He created the first GIPN. He was nicknamed "le Chinois" ("the Chinese") despite his Vietnamese origins.[1]


Georges Nguyen Van Loc died of a heart attack in Cannes, France on 7 December 2008, aged 75.

Works authored[edit]

  • Le Chinois Tome 1: Le Chinois, 1989 Presses de la Cité
  • Triangle d'or, 1992 Presses de la Cité
  • Le Chinois: La peau d'un caïd, 1994 Presses de la Cité
  • Affaires criminelles, 1995 Presses de la Cité
  • Le Chinois: Les marchands de venin, 1995 Presses de la Cité
  • Le troisième juge, 1996 Presses de la Cité
  • Meurtres au soleil, 1996 Presses de la Cité
  • Le Chinois: Les aviseurs, 1997 Presses de la Cité
  • Vengeance transversale, 2002 Ramsay
  • Van Loc, 2004 Autres Temps
  • Les Marchands de venin, 2004 Autres Temps
  • La peau d'un caïd, 2004 Autres Temps
  • Paroles d'homme, 2005 Autres Temps
  • Le Chinois Tome 6: Le Crépuscule des voyous, 2006 Autres Temps