Georges Vedel

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Georges Vedel
Born(1910-07-05)5 July 1910
Died21 February 2002(2002-02-21) (aged 91)
Paris, France
Known forMember of the Académie française

Georges Vedel (5 July 1910 – 21 February 2002) was a French public law professor from Auch, France.


Vedel is credited as being "the reviser of public law [in France]." He taught in faculties of universities in Poitiers, Toulouse, and Paris, at both Panthéon-Assas University[1] and the Institute of Political Studies. He was a published author, having written manuals on constitutional and regulatory law, publications which both left their mark on generations of French legal experts. Vedel was most well known for his theory of the constitutional bases present in regulatory law, a theory that united the field of public law in France.

Georges Vedel was a member of the Constitutional Council of France from 1980 to 1989. He was nominated to this position by Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the president of France at the time. He is a fervent European and a well-known supporter of the federalist theories.[2]

Vedel was elected to seat 5 of the Académie française on 28 May 1998, replacing René Huyghe.

Published works[edit]

  • An Essay on the Cause Notion of Regulatory Law. (1934)
  • Constitutional Law. (1949)
  • Regulatory Law. (1958)


  • Long-term Perspectives of French Agriculture. (published by La Documentation française, 1969.)
  • Growth of Competency in the European Parliament. (published by Journal des Communautés européennes, 1972.)
  • Financing Public Business. (published by J.O.C.E.S., 1976.)
  • Management of Press Businesses. (published by J.O.C.E.S., 1979.)
  • Presidency of the Consultative Committee for the revision of the Constitution. (published by La Documentation française, 1993.)


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