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Georges de Layens (6 January 1834 in Lille [1] – 23 October 1897 in Nice) was a French botanist and apiculturalist. He was the creator of a popular mobile beehive called the "Layens hive".

Layens was a member of the Académie des sciences. From 1869 to 1874, he lived in the Dauphiné Alps, where he established an apiary. Around 1877 he founded an apiary in Louye, Eure.[2]

Published works[edit]

He wrote or co-wrote a number of works on beekeeping and botany. With Gaston Bonnier (1853–1922), he was co-author of a book on apiculture called "Cours complet d'apiculture" and a publication on plants of northern France and Belgium titled "Nouvelle flore du Nord de la France et de la Belgique". Other publications associated with Layens include:

  • Elevage des abeilles: par les procédés modernes pratique et théorie, 1882 - Beekeeping: modern procedures, practice and theory.
  • Les abeilles: pratique de leur culture: miel, cire, hydromel, 1885 - Bees: their culture: honey, wax, mead.
  • Le rucher illustre, erreurs à éviter et conseils à suivre, 1900 - Apiary through illustrations, mistakes to avoid and tips to follow.[3]
  • "Notice sur Georges de Layens (1834-1897)" by Gaston Bonnier.[4]


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