Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
A vertical oval-shaped black and white design with a bald eagle whose wings are spread and who is grasping a globe and a cross with its claws. Around the seal are leaves and the numbers 17 and 89 appear on either side.
Seal of Georgetown University
Parent institution
Georgetown University
AffiliationRoman Catholic (Jesuit)
DeanNorberto Grzywacz
38°54′19″N 77°04′11″W / 38.905226°N 77.069660°W / 38.905226; -77.069660Coordinates: 38°54′19″N 77°04′11″W / 38.905226°N 77.069660°W / 38.905226; -77.069660

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is the oldest graduate school in the United States, and is one of four graduate schools at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., United States.[citation needed]


The graduate program was first founded in 1820, when Georgetown College graduates expressed the desire for continued studies. The school offered its first graduate degree in 1821.[1] The school existed independently from 1855 until the end of the American Civil War, when low student numbers forced its suspension. The school was reestablished in 1891, conferring its first doctoral degree in 1897.[2]


The school is currently the second largest graduate school at Georgetown, behind the Georgetown University Law Center. The school offers 46 programs in 34 departments.[3]


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