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Georgette Mosbacher (née Paulsin; born January 16, 1947) is the CEO of Borghese,[1] a cosmetics manufacturer based in New York City, and a fundraiser for the United States Republican Party.


A native on Highland, Indiana,[2] Georgette Mosbacher (née Paulsin) was born on January 16, 1947 to Dorothy (Bell) and George Paulsin.[3][4] George Paulsin died in an automobile accident when Georgette was 7 years old, leaving her under the care of her mother. She has a brother, George, and two sisters, Melody and Lyn. Mosbacher attended Hammond High School in Highland, Indiana and went on to earn a B.S. in education from Indiana University in 1970. As an undergraduate student, she worked three jobs in order to fund her education.

Since 2000, Mosbacher has served as the chief executive officer of Borghese, a prominent cosmetics manufacturer based in New York City.[5] She has published two books: the semi-autobiography and women’s motivational guide “Feminine Force: Release the Power Within to Create the Life You Deserve” and “It Takes Money Honey: A Get-Smart Guide to Total Financial Freedom.” A former National Chairperson of Community Development for Childhelp USA, Mosbacher contributes to a broad range of nonprofit organizations in the United States. A longtime Republican, Mosbacher serves as the co-chairperson of the Republican National Committee’s Finance Committee. She holds a Doctor of Business Administration Honorary Causa from Bryant College and an honorary doctorate from the International Fine Arts College.[5]

In 1987, she purchased the high-end cosmetics firm La Prairie, served as its CEO,[6] and sold it in 1991 to Beiersdorf. She served as national co-chairman of John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign and is co-chair of the Republican National Committee's Finance Committee.


After graduating from Indiana University, Georgette Mosbacher spent the majority of her career in the beauty and cosmetics sectors. In 1987, Georgette Mosbacher acquired the high-end cosmetics company La Prairie and served as its chief executive officer and president. Four years later, she sold the company to Beiersdorf, a prominent personal care products provider based in Germany.[7] In 2000, Mosbacher accepted an offer to become the CEO and president of Borghese Inc. in New York City. During her time as CEO and president of Borghese, she helped the company expand its global operations and establish a wide distribution network in China.[8]

In 1995, she founded the Children’s Advocacy Center of Manhattan (CAC), currently known as the New York Center for Children. Mosbacher is a trustee of several prominent charitable and civic organizations, including the Hudson River Park Trust, the New York Racing Association, and the Center for Democracy. Mosbacher has also received appointments from the Fallen heroes Fund, the M.D. Anderson Hospital Cancer Center, and Childhelp. Through her charitable foundation, Mosbacher provides two annual scholarships for women in the MBA program at Indiana University, her alma mater. Mosbacher also lends her expert opinions and personal anecdotes to several radio and television programs, including CNN’s Pinnacle, The Today Show, and Larry King Live.[9]

Personal life[edit]

A self-described “redneck who lives in Manhattan,” Georgette Mosbacher was married to Robert Muir and George Barrie, the CEO of Faberge and Brut Productions. In 1985, she married former United States Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher. During her time with Robert Mosbacher, she attended 14 State Dinners under President George H.W. Bush, during which she met heads of state such as Lech Walesa, Brian Mulroney, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand, and Margaret Thatcher. Mosbacher expressed a particular admiration for Thatcher, pointing to her remarkable confidence and strong leadership.[2] After 13 years of marriage, Georgette Mosbacher and her husband divorced in 1998, but remained good friends until his death from cancer in 2010.[10]

Georgette Mosbacher is a longtime fundraiser for the Republican Party.[2] The former National Co-Chairman of Senator John McCain's presidential campaign in 2000, Mosbacher also anchored fundraising efforts for Bush-Cheney ’04, John McCain 2008, and George W. Bush for President.[7] A Republican national committeewoman in New York State for more than a decade, Mosbacher was the first woman to serve as the general chairman of the Republican Governors Association.[8] Mosbacher currently serves as a Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee’s Finance Committee.

Georgette Mosbacher has received several awards throughout her career, including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year Award from the American Woman’s Economic Development Corporation, and the Distinguished Humanitarian Award from Brandeis University.[5]



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