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Георги Русев
Georgi Rusev
Born 7 May 1928
Kostenets (village), Kostenets Municipality, Bulgaria
Died 1 April 2011(2011-04-01) (aged 82)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Occupation Film and Theater Actor
Years active 1959–2005
Spouse(s) Nadya

Georgi Iliev Rusev (Bulgarian: Георги Илиев Русев; 7 May 1928 – 1 April 2011) was a Bulgarian theatre and film actor.

Rusev created a real gallery of colorful characters for about four decades career in the Bulgarian cinematography. He became famous as a master of the so-called "second plan roles".

Biography and Career[edit]

Georgi Rusev was born on 7 May 1928 in the village of Kostenets, Sofia Province. In 1952 he graduated as an actor in Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts.

His professional debut is on the stage of the Plovdiv Theater as Aesop in the staging by Leon Daniel after the novel of the same name. In the following years he played on the stage of the Mladezhki Theater, Sofia and from 1966 until 1990, Rusev is a member of a theatrical company with the Pernik Theater being its leader from 1977. In 1990 he is among the founders of the Small City Theater "Zad Kanala", Sofia. Rusev also played roles for other theaters in Sofia in the years before his retiring. In 2006 he is honorary awarded with ASKEER, Bulgarian award of theater art.

Rusev's career in the film acting started comparatively late at the age of 38. He say that he had no interest in filming in those years. He became interested in cinema works after the first of Georgi Mishev's screenplays were screened. As a result, Georgi Rusev created numerous colorful characters in some of the cult films in the Bulgarian cinema. Portraying usually roles of small-minded persons, placed in the second plan around the main character, Rusev built up his own distinguishable style of acting. By way of example it can be listed the films: The Hare Census, A Peasant on a Bicycle, Villa Zone, Ladies' Choice, Dangerous Charm not to mention his episodic appearance in A Nameless Band which turned into an illustrious allegory about the life folklore of the time.


Year Film Role Notes
1966 Nachaloto na Edna Vakantsiya / The Start of the Summer Holidays Bulgarian: Началото на една ваканция
1967 Nay-dalgata nosht / The Longest Night a policeman Bulgarian: Най-дългата нощ
1969 Priznanie / Confession Bulgarian: Признание
1971 Ne se Obrashtay Nazad / Don't Turn Back Bay Mirko Bulgarian: Не се обръщай назад
Demonat na Imperiyata / The Demon of the Empire TV series
Bulgarian: Демонът на империята
1972 Glutnitsata / The Pack of Wolves the press-man Bulgarian: Глутницата
1973 Kato Pesen / Like a Song Bulgarian: Като песен
Opak Chovek / Maverick Bulgarian: Опак човек
Prebroyavane na Divite Zaytsi / The Hare Census the veterinarian Bulgarian: Преброяване на дивите зайци
Detsa Igrayat Van / Children Play Out of Doors Bulgarian: Деца играят вън
1974 Vechni Vremena / Eternal Times Bulgarian: Вечни времена
Zarevo nad Drava / Dawn Over the Drava Bulgarian: Зарево над Драва
Izpiti po Nikoe Vreme / Exams at Any Odd Time Penchev, Mitko's father Bulgarian: Изпити по никое време
Na Chisto / Squared Accounts a Dimitar's friend Bulgarian: На чисто
Selyaninat s Koleloto / A Peasant on a Bicycle Docho Bulgurov Bulgarian: Селянинът с колелото
1975 Tozi hubav zhivot / This Wonderful Life Terziev Bulgarian: Този хубав живот
Wilna Zona / Villa Zone a neighbour Bulgarian: Вилна зона
Buna / Riot Bulgarian: Буна
Sledovatelyat i gorata / Judge and the Forest Stoyan Bulgarian: Следователят и гората
1976 Da izyadesh yabalkata / To Eat the Apple Bulgarian: Да изядеш ябълката
Ne Si Otivay! / Don't Go Away Vetev sequel of The Boy Turns Man
Bulgarian: Не си отивай!
Svetal Primer / A Bright Example Dimov, the headmaster of the school TV
Bulgarian: Светъл пример
Samodivsko horo / Fairy Dance the gallery man Bulgarian: Самодивско хоро
1977 Matriarhat / Matriarchy Boychev Bulgarian: Матриархат
1978 Nechista sila / Evil Powers TV series
Bulgarian: Нечиста сила
Panteley Bulgarian: Пантелей
Pokriv / A Roof Bulgarian: Покрив
1979 Filyo and Makenzen TV series
Bulgarian: Фильо и Макензен
Chereshova Gradina / The Cherry Orchard Pauncho Bulgarian: Черешова градина
1980 S podelena lyubov / With Shared Love Kolev Bulgarian: С поделена любов
Dvoynikat / The Double the general executive Bulgarian: Двойникът
Ilyuzia / Illusion Bulgarian: Илюзия
Dami kanyat / Ladies' Choice Baltiev, the lawyer TV
Bulgarian: Дами канят
1981 Udarat / The Thrust Bulgarian: Ударът
1982 Ritsaryat na byalata dama / The Knight of the White Lady TV series
Bulgarian: Рицарят на бялата дама
Orkestar bez ime / A Nameless Band Bay Petar Bulgarian: Оркестър без име
1983 Hotel Central Bulgarian: Хотел Централ
1984 Opasen char / Dangerous Charm Bulgarian: Опасен чар
1985 Grehat na Maltitza / Sin of Maltitza Bulgarian: Грехът на Малтица
1986 Vasko de Gama ot selo Rupcha / Vasko de Gama from Rupcha Village Maykata, the cook TV series
Bulgarian: Васко де Гама от село Рупча
Strastna Nedelya / Holy Week the mayor Bulgarian: Страстна Неделя
1987 13ta godenitsa na printsa / The Thirteenth Bride of the Prince The English Teacher Bulgarian: 13та годеница на принца
Chovek na pavazha / The Man on the Road the dispatcher Bulgarian: Човек на паважа
Vreme za pat / Time for Traveling a technician TV series
Bulgarian: Време за път
1988 Vchera / Yesterday Tsonchev, the head of the school Bulgarian: Вчера
Sasedkata / The Neighbour the general executive Bulgarian: Съседката
Izlozhenie / Report Bulgarian: Изложение
1989 Adio, Rio Bay Slavi, the neighbour Bulgarian: Адио, Рио
Zaplahata / The Threat the general executive Bulgarian: Заплахата
Zone V-2 Longurov Bulgarian: Зона В-2
Razvodi, razvodi... / Divorces, Divorces... a chairman of the court Bulgarian: Разводи, разводи...


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