Georgi Traykov

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Georgi Traykov

Georgi Traykov Girovski, also known as Georgi Traykov (Bulgarian: Георги Трайков Гировски, 14 April 1898, Varbeni, Manastir Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (today Itea, Greece) - 14 January 1975, Sofia, Bulgaria), was a Bulgarian politician and the longtime leader of Bulgarian Agrarian National Union. Traykov became leader of the Agrarian Union in December 1947, a year after the Bulgarian Communist Party seized complete control of the country. He quickly pushed out those members not willing to do the Communists' bidding, transforming the party into a loyal partner of the Communists.

On April 23, 1964, he became head of state and chairman of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, following the death of Dimitar Ganev. He remained head of state until July 7, 1971 when the leader of the communist party, Todor Zhivkov, took that position. Nearly a year later, In April 1972, Traykov also gave up his position as chairman of the national assembly. 1972 - 1974 Traykov was First Deputy Chairman of the State Council.

Traykov won a Lenin Peace Prize in 1962. Traykov died on January 14, 1975, aged 76.

Political offices
Preceded by
Dimitar Ganev
Chairman of the Presidium of the National Assembly
23 April 1964 - 7 July 1971
Succeeded by
Todor Zhivkov (as Chairman of the State Council)