Georgia–Israel relations

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Georgia-Israel relations
Map indicating locations of Georgia and Israel



Georgia–Israel relations are diplomatic, commercial and cultural ties between Georgia and Israel. Diplomatic relations were formally established on June 1, 1992. Georgia has an embassy in Tel Aviv. Israel has an embassy in Tbilisi.


Marking Israel's 60th anniversary in Tbilisi

There are 120,000 Georgian Jews living in Israel, as well as 13,000 in Georgia. During the 2008 South Ossetia war, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Israel recognize the territorial integrity of Georgia and called for a peaceful solution."[1] In 2012, Archil (Abesalom) Kekelia was appointed Georgian ambassador to Israel. His two major missions are to regain a foothold in the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem, which was taken over by the Greek Orthodox church 300 years ago, and promote economic ties with Israel.[2]

Tourism agreements[edit]

In 2010, Israel and Georgia signed bilateral agreements in the sphere of tourism and air traffic.[3] In October 2010, Georgian Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Vera Kobalia visited Israel.[4]

Military cooperation[edit]

Israel has engaged in extensive military cooperation with Georgia. Israel sold Georgia armored vehicles and small arms, and Israeli special forces and private contractors have trained Georgian troops. Israel sold Georgia its fleet of UAVs, LAR-160 rocket launchers, anti-tank mines, and cluster bombs. On 5 August 2008, it was reported by Stratfor and Russia Today that Israel planned to halt arms sales to Georgia due to Russian objections.[5][6] Israel continued to train Georgian security forces, though on a more limited scale.[citation needed]

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