Georgia's 10th congressional district special election, 2007

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On June 19, 2007, the U.S. state of Georgia held a special election to fill a vacancy in Georgia's 10th congressional district. A runoff was held on July 17 with Paul Broun defeating Jim Whitehead by less than 1%.[1]


The vacancy was created by the death of incumbent Republican Charlie Norwood.[2] Norwood won reelection in 2006 with 67% of the vote.

Since this is a nonpartisan special election, all candidates for the election were listed alphabetically, though their party affiliations are noted on the ballot.[3] According to Georgia law, to win outright, a candidate needed a majority vote; since no candidate won more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers competed in a runoff election on July 17, 2007.

Official candidates[edit]

The following candidates were on the June 19 ballot.[3][4] They are listed here alphabetically: first by party, then by name.




Election results[edit]

No candidate received a majority in the June 19 election so a runoff between Republicans Jim Whitehead and Paul Broun was held on July 17. Democrat James Marlow, the third-place finisher, had the right to request a recount within 48 hours of the official certification of the election results on June 25, 2007, due to the very small difference in total votes for himself and Broun,[5] but did not do so.[6]

The official returns for the June 19 election and the July 17 run-off are:

Candidates General Election, June 19[7] Run-Off Election, July 17[8]
Candidate Party Votes Percent Votes Percent
Jim Whitehead Republican 23,555 43.51% 23,135 49.58%
Paul Broun Republican 11,208 20.70% 23,529 50.42%
James Marlow Democratic 11,010 20.34%  
Denise Freeman Democratic 2,574 4.76%
Evita Paschall Democratic 1,778 3.28%
Bill Greene Republican 1,635 3.02%
Nate Pulliam Republican 913 1.69%
Jim Sendelbach Libertarian 710 1.31%
Mark Myers Republican 378 0.70%
Erik Underwood Republican 376 0.70%

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